Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

Who is Opus Destinations?
Opus Destinations is a Miami, FL based luxury home rental company founded by seasoned business professionals.  

What am I paying for in the total rental cost over and above the nightly rental rate?
The total rental cost includes taxes.

Can I purchase trip insurance for my vacation?
Opus Destinations offers trip insurance through CSA, a nationally known travel insurance provider.

How do I know that the home will be as advertised?
Opus Destinations strives to fill a gap in the vacation home rental industry of consistency.  We do our best to consistently respond to rental requests in a timely fashion and to work with the best service providers to provide consistent hotel level cleanliness, consistent sheets and towels, modern electronics and amenities in each and every home.

As a homeowner how do I benefit?
Opus Destinations helps homeowners monetize their second homes through cash flow.  

What is the cost of joining the Opus Destinations Rental Program?
Assuming your second home is a well stocked vacation home the out of pocket cost of joining Opus Destinations is zero.  Opus fronts the costs of the professional photo shoot, home staging, web page design, marketing fees. 

How much are the cleaning charges?
Cleaning charges range from two hundred dollars ($200) to six hundred dollars ($600) depending on the size of the home, number of bedrooms and cleanliness of the property upon your departure.  Once you choose a home for your vacation a cleaning estimate can be provided.

Are there any hidden charges or other fees?
There are no hidden charges or fees although additional costs may be incurred through the request for ancillary services such as grocery stocking, spa services, chef services, drivers, etc.

What do I need to do to my home before it is accepted?
Prior to your home being accepted, a review of the physical property is conducted, a list of house standards items (dishes, coffee maker, linens, blow dryers, etc.) is verified and a management plan is generated.  Opus constantly strives to insure complete privacy and minimize the inconvenience to you as the property owner.

Will my house be respected? What if there is damage?
The founders of Opus Destinations own second homes and understand the concern of maintaining vacation property condition.  The Property Guidebook outlines the procedures and processes used to proactively manage properties in the network. Member documents outline the process of what happens in the event of damage.    

How is my property managed?
Each property has its own web portal.  The web portal includes photographs, property description, calendar, task list for service providers and task status reporting.    

Can Opus Destinations act as my property manager to generate cash flow?
Yes, Opus Destinations specializes in marketing homes for rent and generates maximum cash flow through occupancy and nightly rental rates for our home owners.