Become an Opus Destinations Partner

For Homeowners who depend on experts to tirelessly maintain their residences and ensure diligence in screening and monitoring guests, Opus Destinations provides complete peace of mind. We understand that your home is a cherished member of your family, and because you are making it available to rent doesn’t mean you are letting go of it in your heart. Our Premier Concierges are as personal with Guests as our House Managers are with your residence and you.

We depend on developing trusting relationships with Owners; the key is consistent communications with you and full transparency in management. Next we perform a thorough audit of your home to evaluate how best to market your residence based upon its amenities, gathering spaces and number of beds and en-suite bathrooms. We then create a custom pro-forma of your home to manage your expectations of usage and monetary returns.

We are ambitious in marketing your residence through like-minded rental providers and yet fastidious in evaluating those we accept as Guests. Currently, Opus Destinations manages a portfolio of residences valued at more than $100M commanding average nightly rates from $1K to $10K.

To learn more about Opus Destination’s Owners Services and Rental Programs please email: [email protected] or call 801-557-1100.